The association

Founded in 1897, the Association represents more than 40 companies including electricity producers, importers, representatives of foreign companies, traders, users, cement mills, steel mills, shippers, maritime agents, terminalists, surveyors, engineering companies, coal-handling and coal plant builders.

Fast facts

Total turnover: 2 billion euros
Turnover induced: 300 million euros
Coal imports: 2 billion euros a year
Number of employees: 1,000 of which: 700 direct; 300 indirect
Number of companies: over 40

National engagement

At the national level, Assocarboni joins Confindustria Energia, the Federation of Associations of the Energy Industry of Confindustria.

And the international one

In the international arena, it is a member of the CIAB (Coal Industry Advisory Board), a section of the International Energy Agency that brings together more than 40 companies (producers and electricity generation companies) from 14 different countries, the WCA (World Coal Association) in London and the Working Party on Coal of the UNECE Energy Committee in Geneva.