The issues related to climate change, the environment and sustainable development are now constantly at the heart of the political and economic agenda and the international commitment of the major industrialized and developing countries.
There are many ethical and economic issues at stake, as the battle for sustainable energy is played out on a number of fronts: security of supply, accessibility, climate protection and resource efficiency.
According to the World Energy Trilemma Index 2018, Italy is among the countries that best manage the so-called ‘energy trilemma’, while ensuring safe, sustainable and relatively economic energy for its citizens.
All countries, beyond their economic weight, can aim to have a balanced energy system. Security, fair accessibility and energy sustainability can grow the economy and transform societies, however, the complex problems facing the energy industry cannot be solved by individual countries in isolation.

The Conference is intended to reflect on the need to mediate between global and national interests, short and long-term perspectives, to urge a confrontation of central importance for citizens, companies and institutions.