The entire renewable energy sector is suffering today in Italy. The government has given a drastic cut to the incentives granted to this technology or even cancelled them. The sector has stopped and many companies are in crisis. The future of renewables appears seriously mortgaged. But is it the fault of the Monti government, which has taken these measures? Our answer is no. Instead, the fault lies with an out-of-control solar subsidy system that has unleashed a real greed and knocked out the costs of electricity consumed by millions of users. We believe that this was a very bad intervention of so-called ‘industrial policy’, a failure to subside the pressure of various interest groups, which have used considerable resources in a completely inefficient and unjust manner. The brutal summary is that the medium ate the end. Not only has this mode of support for photovoltaics not benefited its technological advancement, nor the development of its national industrial supply chain, but, worse, it has sank the world of renewables. Read more click