“No culpes solo al carbon, tu coche y otros mil millones contaminan mucho mas”. Or rather, “Don’t just blame coal, your car with another million pollutes a lot more.” It is a commercial, circulated on the internet in Spain in April and shortly after withdrawn, to refute the “false myth” that coal-fired power plants are the main cause of emissions. Two young people at the restaurant discuss how to get to the movies. The woman proposes to use the car, while the man to walk to avoid polluting the air. You counteract that coal-fired power stations must be shut down first, because it is proven that coal is the biggest cause of pollution. The result is a brief discussion about false myths, which also calls into question the corrosive carbonated drinks for the pipes. In the end, the commercial ends with the
“Coal is the main cause of climate change,” a graphic showing that conventional transport in Spain accounts for 40% of atmospheric emissions, while coal-fired power plants account for only 14%.

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