What is the relationship between SEN 2017 and the 2030 de-bonisation targets set by the Clean Energy Package launched by the European Commission in 2014?
SEN 2017 has been defined with the aim of starting the path to achieving the Clean Energy Package (CEP) objectives as soon as possible. Recall that the quantitative decarbonisation targets set by the CEP to 2030 in terms of C02 reduction (-40% compared to 1990), development of renewable sources (27% of Gross Final Consumption) and energy efficiency (-27% of primary consumption) compared to the trend scenario) have been defined at European level and will subsequently be declined for each Member State. To this end, the Member State will have to submit to the Commission, drafted by 2018 and in a final version by 2019, its own Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan that will set out quantitative objectives to 2030, time trajectory and policies to achieve these objectives.

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