Andrea Clavarino’s electric mix for Italy

Italy is the only country in Europe without nuclear power and with the lower share of  coal in electricity generation (13% compared to an EU average of 26%).
The Italian electric mix is in fact anomalous, both in relation to Europe and compared to the OECD countries; while the average of European countries and OECD generally sees a share of about 60% generated by a variable mix of coal and nuclear, in Italy in 2016 the production of electricity comes about 80% from renewables and natural gas (in detail, 38% from renewables, 38% from natural gas, 13% from coal, 2% from oil derivatives and 9% from other sources).
And for this anomalous electrical mix Italian companies pay an electricity bill 50% more expensive than the European average, because it depends on expensive natural gas, supplied mainly by Russia and Algeria, and renewable sources, subsidized with 16 billions of care a year.

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