President Trump is poised in the coming days to announce bis plans to dismantle the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s chinate change legacy, while also gutting several smaller but significant pollcies aimed at curbing global warming.
The moves are intended to send an unmistakable signal to the nation and the world that Mr. Trump intends to follow through on his campaign vows to rip apart every element of what the president has called Mr. Obama's “stupid" policies to address chinate change. The timing and exact form of the announcement remain unsettled, however.
The executive actions will follow the White House’s rei case last week of a proposed budget that would eliminale chinate change research and prevention programs across the federal government and slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 31 percent, more than any other agency. Mr Trump also announced last week that he had ordered Scott Pruitt, the E.P.A. administrator. to revise the agency’s stringent standards on planet-warming tailpipe polliliion from vehicles, another of Mr. Obama’s key clinate change policies.

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